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UN SDG: 15.Take Care of the Earth
Submitted By: Louis Banzon
Accomplishment Date: 2014-10-11 00:00:00
Accomplishment Title: Laguna Lake Development Authority Green Building
Accomplishment Details:

The first-ever Philippine government structure to be accredited as a "Green Building" by the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) in conjunction with the Green Building Council of the Philippines.

The new headquarters of the LLDA is a leading example of the "Green Building Revolution." Located in East Avenue, Quezon City, the LLDA Green Building is designed to be energy-efficient, climate-smart, ecologically-adaptive and occupant-friendly.

The LLDa headquarters is designed to reduce its electric consumption by at least 20 percent. Its shallow building width maximizes natural daylight with wide windows that allow natural ventilation. The pervious pavement, the green roof, the wetland pond and other landscaping features significantly cool the building. The rainwater catchment system provides water for toilets and urinals. A material recovery facility (MRF) is installed for the efficient waste management of the entire complex.

Its design has created more open spaces with gardens and ponds and the improved lighting and ventilation increases work productivity and efficiency. The LLDA Green Building provides a healthy and refreshing respite from the concrete, highly-urbanized areas of the metropolis.